Freestyle Videos

Seba vs Jiazi

Now Available, this wheeling "duel" video shows high technical and balance skills of S.Laffargue and "Jiazi" (Qian Wei Feng).

Here is the teaser / Download full video here


A day in Manzanillo

This "holiday video" has been shot in Manzanillo, a little town on the Pacific ocean, in Mexico. Video/Edit : S.Laffargue / M.Calleja

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Soraya Ghadery

If you don't know her, Soraya is one of the best female slalom skater in the world, with her own style. Soraya's second video on universkate shows more about her skills. Shot in different spots of Paris in 2005, Bercy, Jussieu and Temple...

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Shanghai Slalom open : Speed slalom

The video of the speed slalom women competition held in August in Shanghai, China. With S.Thomas(Fra), F.Violeau(Fra), K.Dikushina(Rus), Jae-Hyun Choi (Kor)...

Download the women video here.

The video of the speed slalom men competition held in August in Shanghai, China. With S.Laffargue(Fra), Da-Jin Yu(SKr), G."Skali"Barbaz(Fra), Kim Sung-Jin(SKr)...

Download the men video here.



In his latest video, S.Laffargue is performing freestyle slalom in different places like Paris, Shanghai, La Rochelle. "When you do freestyle slalom, everything outside can have an influence on your movements and on your way to do your tricks : other skaters, other sports, other cultures..."

You will see also Jiazi, a very talented skater from China...

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A new freestyle video presenting Fanny Violeau, member of the brand new Universkate freestyle slalom team. She's performing in her hometown, La Rochelle, France and in Shanghai, China.

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Paris Slalom World Cup 2005

The Freestyle slalom runs :

Men : S.Laffargue / O.Herrero / I.Cheremetieff / P.Celat / F.Volpei / JB.Milleret /

Women : F.Violeau / S.Ghadery / S.Thomas / S.D'armancourt / N.Rager



Heel wheeling lenght world record on a slalom course by Sebastien Laffargue (Fra), done in Singapore on a flat road . 121 cones spaced by 80cm.

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Cup of Federation, Moscow 2005-Speed Slalom Men

The speed slalom competition in the Cup of Federation, Moscow, February 20th, 2005.

Men : From quarter finals to final. Women : Semi-finals & finals

Download Men here ! / Download Women Here


Tokyo Spots Overview - short version

This video has been shot in January 2005 in Japan, we skated around several famous slalom spots in Tokyo city : Doman Park, Hikarigaoka, Ueno... and with the amazing local skaters. Involving jump, slalom, grass session...

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Perfect Heel

It's a short slalom video "on the heel" in different cities : Seoul, Paris & Montpellier. A heel-wheeling record (80 cones), some backward heel-wheelings and a heel wheeling "combo" compose this video.

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French Cup Rennes

The 6 best slalom skaters of this event :

Videos available : S.Laffargue(run1&2), O.Herrero (run1), P.Celat(run1), Franck Volpei (run1), E.Michoneau(run2), J.Elamrani (run2).


Slalom Festival Kwang Joo (SKR)

Here are some selected freestyle slalom runs. DaJin Yu ; Jang Ik Su ; Park Kyoung Tae ; Sin Young Sub ; Kim Sung Jin ; Yoon Jae Sool ;

Jam : Kim sung Jin & Sin Young Sub ; Diverse Riders Video


Seasons part. 2

-Seasons - Different places, different elements ; the goal of this video is to show you can enjoy freestyle slalom everywhere you dream to do it. On the 2nd part, you'll see german riders in action and some good spots of Munich, then you'll be launched in the jungle ; last session in the city with some jumps. Download part.2 here !

Seasons part. 1

-Seasons - Different places, different elements ; the goal of this video is to show you can enjoy freestyle slalom everywhere you dream to do it. The theme of water can resume the first part of the movie : ice, infinite water, falls, crystals of glass ; every place can give something more to the beauty of freestyle slalom. Download part1 here !


Freeride in San Francisco

You'll find some great spots of the city like Lombard Street or Fort Mason and very exciting events : the Monday night skate and the San Matteo skate, featuring the crazy riders of California ! Let's go !!Download here !



In this Video, you'll See S. Laffargue performing Freestyle Slalom in one of the most prestigious university of the USA : Stanford University. The shots were made in one afternoon in different spots of the university, each and every one more beautiful than the previous."It's an ideal place to skate since there are no cars and a perfectly smooth asphalt""There were so many places to slalom, to slide and to jump that we didn't have enough time to do everything we would have liked to !" You'll see also an impressive footbag demonstration performed by world champion R.Mulroney. The music was chosen and mixed by DJ Rolling. Download Here !


Urban Contest Lausanne 2002



Marie Roudier (Fra)
Elena Minelli (Ita)  
Maxime Galichet (Fra)  
Sebastien Laffargue (Fra)run1.  
Sebastien Laffargue (Fra)run2.  
Alexandre Aloise (Swi)  

Rollercup Monza 2002

Freestyle Slalom Contest

Speed Slalom Contest


Demo RollerTour FFRS Nancy

Download video Here.


Sicilia Sun

This video was made in April 2002 in Palermo, Sicilia, Italy. Featuring Luca Spitaleri, Seba Laffargue Max Bavieri and the local skaters.

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