If you love to burn your wheels or if you want to know how to "brake different", here are some tricks to learn !!
  Classics :      



  Acid Slide  
  Power Slide  

Acid Cross

  Parallel Slide   Fakie Acid Cross New !!  
  Magic Slide   Acid Wheel Cross  
  Soul Slide New !!   BackSlide  
  Snowplow New !!   Wheel Barrow   
      Royal Barrow New !!  
      Back Mistrial  
      Forward Soyale  
      Jump Soyale  
      Pornstar Slide  
      Star Slide  
      Back Pornstar  
      FastWheel Slide  
      Fast Slide  
      Savanah Slide  
      HeelWheel slide  
      Toes Parallel  
      Back Snowplow