WSSA World ranking July 2007

The WSSA World Ranking of July is now available.
Full Ranking here

Inline Games Hannover, July 20-22 2007

The first edition of the inline games will take place in Hannover, Germany on July 20-22. On the competition side, there will be speed slalom, battle freestyle slalom and a blader X contest.

More information on the event here

Registration Here

WSSA World ranking June 2007

The WSSA World Ranking of June is now available. Kim Sung-Jin (Kor) is still number 1 in freestyle slalom, and Yohan Fort is now the new number 1. in speed slalom. In the women ranking, C.Seyres is now number 1. in speed slalom and freestyle slalom.
Full Ranking here


Pincio Battle Day 2007

Last week end was held the Pincio Battle day, in Rome, Italy.
L.Ulivieri won the speed slalom contest, beating S.Laffargue in final, G.Angelis took 3rd place. The Battle contest was separated in two categories, pros & amateurs.
In the amateur battle, O.Valerio (Ita) won the final, in front of F.Vilmercati (Ita), and Ben. Bossi (Ita). S.Laffargue (Fra) won the Pro Battle final, in front of L.Ulivieri (Ita) and T.Ferrari(Ita), K.Fusco(Ita) finished 4th.
Video Final Pro / Video Final amateurs
Results Battle :
Pros : 1.S.Laffargue 2.L.Ulivieri 3.T.Ferrari 4.K.Fusco 5.F.Maselli 5ex.G.DeAngelis 7.D.Lenzi 7ex.G.Assogna
Amateurs : 1.O.Valerio 2.F.Vilmercati 3.B.Bossi 4.S.Masi 4ex.B.Bohach 4ex.N.Demasi 7.G.Cantaro 7ex.A.Pezzetti 7ex.C.Iacone

Y.Fort vs L.Ulivieri (Pic Bigsteev)
PSWC 2007

Victory of Y.Fort(Fra) in the speed slalom open against B.Joie(Fra), P.Celat(Fra) finished 3rd in front of L.Ulivieri(Ita),4th. Thanks to this victory, Yohan Fort should become n°1 in the next speed slalom world ranking. In the Women competition, C.Seyres(Fra) beated F.Violeau(Fra) in the final. N.Grigg(Gbr) finished 3rd against R.Bugalska(Pol).
The Battle competition had a lot of troubles due to the heavy rain, and the Pro competition has been canceled ; after qualification the standings were : 1.I.Cheremetieff(Fra) / 2.L.Ulivieri(Ita) / 3.R.Tessier(Fra).
In the Amateur final, A.Bequet(Fra) took the 1st place in front of R.Lebois(Fra) and F.Dupeloux(Fra), A.Fumeron(Fra) finished 4th.
C.Seyres(Fra) won the women's final in front of N.Rager(Fra) and N.Grigg(Gbr).
Finally, the organisation decided to have a battle open on Monday, I.Cheremetiefff(Fra) won the final, in front of R.Tessier(Fra) and M.Gurevich(Rus). P.Kunnemann(Ger) finished 4th.
Full Results here / videos : 1 / 2 / 3 /
WSSA World Ranking May 2007

The new WSSA World Ranking - May 2007 is out ! It counts competitions held between May 14th 2006 and May 10th 2007.
Freestyle slalom men
Speed Slalom men
Freestyle Slalom women
Speed Slalom women

Paris Slalom World Cup 2007

The 5th edition of Paris Slalom World Cup will be held at Trocadero on May 26-27. This year the Battle event will be divided in 2 categories, Pro and Am. The favorite of the competiton, last year's winner I.Cheremetieff(Fra) will have to be good to beat European opponents like M.Gurevich(Ger) and L.Ulivieri(Ita) as well as french top skaters like O.Herrero. The Speed slalom contest should be very tight between D.DeAraujo(Ita/Bra) the title holder, and frenchs R.Chambord and Y.Fort. Those 3 favorites have no right to do any mistake since the outsiders will come to win too. Exciting duels should be held ! See you there !
Event website / Paris Festival Glisse Website
WSSA World Ranking
After several months of work, gatherings files and thinking with the riders from wssa skaters group (world slalom skaters association).
The Slalom World Ranking Project is finally out.
The project is to establish a relationship between all slalom events in the world and of which we receive the ranking sheets, to show the best and most active skaters of the moment. Each event is affected with a coefficient established depending on the importance of the event, number of entries, level of skaters, place of the event, organisation experience, past history of the event,... All the skaters who appeared on the rankings we receive get points. The total on 12 months is calculated, then we keep the 4 best results of the year (4 being the most representative number observing different events and average travels of the skaters involved in the competitions)
This ranking will be updated every month and will evolve continuously. From May on, the new competitons will be added and the competitions until April 2006 will be removed. Then Each skater can see his ranking going up and down depending on the latest results.
The latest event which has been taken into account is the French cup in Toulouse.
Freestyle Slalom Men / Speed Slalom Men
Freestyle Slalom Women / Speed Slalom Women

Battle Men and Women available after PSWC event in May.

Beijing Slalom open

The beijing slalom open was a great success, the skaters did amazing slalom runs. In the Freestyle Battle, Wang Heng(Chn) finished first in front of Guo Fang(Chn), second, Igor Cheremetieff (Fra) took the third place. Video here.
Chloe Seyres(Fra) won the women battle in front of Naomi Grigg(UK).
S.Laffargue(fra) won the speed slalom contest against W.Heng, Z.Qiang (Chn) finished at 3rd place. Video speed here . C.Seyres won the women speed slalom against Xu Xin Yu(Chn), K.Kyoung Mi (Kor) finished 3rd. Kim Sung Jin (Kor) won the Style slalom contest in front of G.Fang and W.Heng. Xu Xin Yu(Chn) won the Style slalom contest in front of C.Seyres(Fra) & Kim Kyoung Mi (Kor). Videos here and HERE


PSWC 2007

The Paris Slalom World Cup will be held on May 26-27th during the "Paris Festival Glisse" event. Registrations are already opened for Speed and Battle and places are limited. Be fast !


Video : Igor Cheremetieff

Here is a little video of Igor Cheremetieff, the best European slalom skater of the moment, he shows he's ready for 2007 slalom season with his very own style and incredible tricks. Featuring Benjamin Lim, one of the best Singapore's riders.
Download Here


Battle Moscow, Russia

The first edition of Battle Moscow was a success. In the Woman Battle, Polina Semenova(Rus) and N.Zelenova(Rus) shared the first place, Lika Babyi finished 3rd. In the men Battle, I.Cheremetieff (Fra) won the title, in front of D.Milekhin(Rus) and V.Tkatchev(Rus), who won the speed slalom contest against S.Laffargue(Fra), I.Cheremetieff(Fra) finished 3rd. J.Isaeva (Rus) won the women speed slalom against M.Glukhova (Rus) and P.Semenova(Rus).
Full Results here
Videos (Men) : Semi-Final A / Semi-Final B / FINAL
Videos (Women) : FINAL


Beijing Slalom Open, China

The next "big" Asian slalom contest will be held in Beijing, China, during ISPO China, on 14-17th March. You can find HERE more informations and registration sheet.


Battle Contest, Rome (Feb 11th)

A little slalom battle contest was held in Rome (All'Alpheus), on Sunday, February 11th. Giamprisco Bove won the Pro final in front of Francesco Maselli and Gianluca De Cristofaro, Graziano Assogna finished at fourth place. In the amateur final, Alessandro Pezzetti finished first in front of Oliviero Ferrari(2nd), Bogdan Bohach(3rd) and Franco Pulicati(4th). More informations on


Battle Russia, Moscow, February 19th 2007

The first Russian slalom Battle competition will be held in Moscow on February 19th 2007 during ISPO Russia. Schedule :
10-00 Registration and training
10-30 Women's training
11-00 women's qualification
12-00 Men's training
12-30 Men's qualification
14-30 Finale ( women)
15-30 Finale (men)
On 20/02 will be held speed and free jump contests


Freestyle Slalom Festival Bremen

Skaters from 7 different nationalities came for the first Freestyle Slalom Festival of Bremen, Germany. Germans, for sure, but also UK skaters, Dutchs, Finnishs, Frenchs, Russians and one US skater participated to different Pro and Amateur contests . For Classic Freestyle slalom contest, Organisation decided that the jury would give 3 prizes : the best technique, best style and best "performance". Igor Cheremetieff won the prize for best technique, Mischa Gurevich the best performance and Pierre Künnemann the best style.
In the Amateur Battle contest, Jeremy LaCivita (USA) won the title in front of Miriam Kwasny (Ger) and Bernhardt Kuhn (Ger). In the Pro category, big duels happened in the first round, since the groups were sorted, and some favorites were out like UK's N.Price and J.Bell. In the final, Igor Cheremetieff (Fra) finally won the title in front of M.Gurevich (Rus) and Chris Fessel (Ger), O.Löser (Fin) and P.Künnemann (Ger) finished at 4th & 5th place.
Pro Final videos : Igor / Mischa / Chris / Oliver / Pierre


International Freestyle Challenge (Singapore)

The first international freestyle challenge was held in Singapore on Nov.24-26th, many national and international skaters were here to win the title. In the international freestyle slalom event, Kim Sung-Jin (Kor) finished first in front of Wang Heng and Guo Fang, both from China. Champion of China Lin "Aning" Enlin took the 4th place in front of I.Cheremetieff (Fra). The speed slalom international competition has been won by S.Laffargue(Fra) in front of I.Cheremetieff (Fra) and Kim Sung Jin (Kor). Guo Fang finished at 4th place.
Freestyle videos : KSJ / Wang Heng / Guo Fang / Aning / Igor

Results (International finals)


Sauterelles Contest

The Sauterelles Contest was held in St Jean de Liversay, France on November 11-12th. Many new types of competitions are tested every year and make this event a very original event. For example, the speed slalom competitions were 4 skaters KO races. Unfortunately, the number of categories avoid the best skaters to skate against each other and the interest of the competition is not as it could be. While the joungs Y.Fort and M.Rataud won very easily their age categories, S.Laffargue won the "Senior" category in front of F.Volpei and I.Cheremetieff.
A battle freestyle slalom-where this time all categories were mixed together-was also organised for the skaters. I.Cheremetieff won this competition, in front of S.Laffargue and Y.Fort. In the women Battle, C.Seyres did the best tricks in front of F.Violeau and S.Ghadery.
Videos soon available.


Battle Juice

A new website dedicated to Battle Freestyle slalom has been opened. You will find inside all informations about Battle competitions all over the world, videos, latest rules and so on.

Battle Juice


Beijing Slalom open 2006, China

The Beijing Slalom open was held on October 29th, about 80 skaters took part in the speed and freestyle slalom competitions. Wang Heng signed a double victory since he won the freestyle slalom in front of Guo Fang and Lin "Aning" Enlin, and the speed slalom in front of Guo Fang and Wang Peng. In the women contest, Cao Nan won also both freestyle and speed slalom, in front of Yang "Ziyu" Danfeng and Chen Nujing in freestyle and in front of Wang Jingxuan and Xu Meng in Speed slalom.

Videos : Wang-Heng / Guo-Fang / Aning /// Cao Nan / Ziyu / Chen Nujing


Slalomania 06

The first Singapore Battle freestyle competition was held with few hours late due to the rain, the competition has been re-located, and all competitions have happened. In the freestyle Battle open, Terrence Cheung finished at first place, in front of Clarence Cheung (who won the speed slalom contest), and John Bea. Benjamin Lim finished at fourth place.
More informations on the event's website

Pictures here


ASSA slalom cup Anyang, South-Korea

A freestyle slalom competition was organised by ASSA in Anyang, South Korea on Oct.22nd. Skaters from several Asian countries joined the competition. In the men contest, Kim Sung Jin (Kor) took the 1st place in front of Kim Jung-Min (Kor) and Choi Jung-Hyun (Kor).
Here are the videos of Men's top 3 :
Kim Sung-Jin / Kim Jung-Min / Choi Jung-Hyun


Slalomania 06 Battle, Singapore (28/10)

The first Battle Freestyle tournament organised in Singapore will be held on october 28th. 2006. For this local competition, Naomi Grigg (UK) will be invited to lead the judges team. The best Singapore's skaters met together to set up the rules of this event to make them follow the wishes of the local riders.

More informations on the event's website

Rules available here


Battle UK

The 1st Battle UK was very successful, the organisation did everything to make skaters spend a great time in Nottingham.
In the UK championship, Nathan Price won both freestyle battle and speed slalom competitions, followed by Max Freeman who was second in the two specialities too. Naomi Grigg took 3rd place in the battle and CJ Lee did third time in the speed slalom.
In the International men competition, Igor Cheremetieff(Fra) won the Battle UK final in front of S.Laffargue(Fra) and O.Herrero(Fra). J-B.Milleret (Fra), 4th place in the Battle tournament, did the best time in speed slalom in front of S.Laffargue and I.Cheremetieff. In the women battle, Chloe Seyres (Fra) finished at 1st place in front of F.Violeau (Fra) and N.Grigg (UK). F.Violeau did the best time in speed slalom in front of S.Ghadery and Marta Previde-Massara (Ita)
Videos : Women speed slalom ; Women Battle final
Semi-finale A / Semi-finale B
Men Battle
1/4 final : Quarter final A , Quarter final B, Quarter final C, Quarter final D
1/2 final : Semi final A, Semi final B
Final : Men Final(camera1) , Men final(camera 2)


3rd Chuncheon Slalom contest, South Korea

Here are the results of the 3rd Chuncheon slalom contest held on September 3rd in South Korea.
Speed slalom Men--------Speed slalom Women-----Jam
1st Kim Sung Jin-----------1st Han Soo Yi ------------1st Kim Min Jae &
2nd Yu Dajin---------------2nd Jung Eun Young-----------Han Doo Suk
3rd Park Sung Jin-------
---3rd Choi Jae Hyun----------2nd Shin Young Sub&
-----------------------------------------------------------Kim Sung Jin
Freestyle Men -------- --Freestyle Women---------3rd Kim Yi Kyoung &
1st Kim Sung Jin----------1st Choi Jae Hyun----------------Kim Min Hyo
2nd Yim Sung Ho-- ------ 2nd Shin Eun Young
3rd Yu Dajin--------------3rd Kim Yi Kyoung


October 7th : BATTLE UK

The first BattleUK competition will take place on the 7th of October at the historic Victoria Leisure centre located in the centre of the city of Nottingham.
This event will be an international competition and will also count for the UK Battle freestyle national title. Don't miss it !
Check the website here for more informations : BATTLE UK


Slalom contest in Jeju island, South Korea

A slalom event was held last week-end in Jeju island, Southe Korea, here are the results :
Speed slalom Men --------Speed slalom Women ------Jam
1st Kim Seoung Hyun ------1st Han Soo Yi --------------1st Kim Soo An &
2nd Lim Woo Bin ----------2nd Kang Ji Hee----------------Woo Young Wook
3rd Kim Joo Young --------3rd Jeong Hae Sook-----------2nd Kim Min Hyo &
-----------------------------------------------------------Kim Yi Kyoung
Freestyle slalom Men ---Freestyle Women ------------3rd Han Soo Yi &
1st Kim Joo Young -------1st Kang Ji Hee ----------------Kim Seoung Hyun
2nd Woo Young Wook --- 2nd Han Soo Yi
3rd Kim Seoung Hyun ----3rd Kim Yi Kyoung


Shanghai slalom open, China

The Shanghai slalom open was held on last August 4-6th.
Kim Sung Jin (Kor) won the freestyle contest with an impressive run in front of Lin "Aning" Enlin (Chn) and Yu Dajin (Kor). Zhu Qiang (Chn) won the speed slalom contest beating S.Laffargue (Fra) in the final, Weng Heng (Chn) finished Third in front of K.Ryazantsev (Rus). Choi Jae-Hyun (Kor) won the freestyle women contest and Shin Eun Young (Kor) won the speed women contest.

Full Results here / freestyle videos here


Video : Skate the World's wonders : The Great Wall

We always dream to skate on the most famous spots in the world. Here is a slalom session shot on the Great wall of China. With Zhuo Cheng (Chn) and Sebastien Laffargue (Fra). The first skaters ever to do it on the great wall...
Download here


Video : Catch me if you can

Here is the new video of Igor Cheremetieff and Chloe Seyres (Fra) shot in Besançon, France.
Download here


Video : Clopinettes Gang :

Here is the new video of Chloe Seyres & Caroline Lejeune shot in Montpellier, France.
Download here


Slalom in Finland :

Seppo Silvenius started slalom in 1998, he's one of the slalom skaters of Helsinki, in Finland. You can download his video shot in his city with his friend Oliver : Helsinki rools You can also visit their website : FFSS

Interview of Seppo here


Diego De Araujo (Ita)

Fanny Violeau (Fra)

Paris Slalom World Cup, France :

Speed slalom :
Diego De Araujo (Ita) won the competition against Romain Chambord (Fra) in a very tight race. Cedric Diguere (Fra) finished at 3rd place and J.B. Milleret (Fra) at 4th.
Fanny Violeau (Fra) won the women's final against Severine Thomas (Fra), Soraya Ghadery finished at 3rd place in front of Naomi Grigg (UK), 4th.

Freestyle slalom :
Igor Cheremetieff (Fra) won this first battle freestyle tournament, Bjorn Zoppke (Ger) finished 2nd and C.Flinois (Fra) took the 3rd place in front of M.Gurevich (Ger) and A.Genel (Fra). Unfortunately, Olivier Herrero, first after the qualification run, hurt his ankle and gave up after the quarter final.
Fanny Violeau (Fra) won the women battle in front of Naomi Grigg (UK) and Marie Monclus (Fra), S.Thomas finished at 4th place.

Videos :
Speed Slalom Men / Speed Slalom Women

Freestyle slalom ( :
Quarter Final 1 / Quarter Final 2 / Quarter Final 3 / Quarter final 4
Semi Final 1 / Semi Final 2
Final - Men

Final - Women

Results here


New video : Seba vs Jiazi

Now Available, this wheeling "duel" video shows high technical and balance skills of S.Laffargue and "Jiazi" (Qian Wei Feng).

Download here


XSL slalom cup, Busan, South Korea :

The first ASSA international competition was held in Busan, South Korea on May 14th, gathering mostly Japanese and Korean skaters. The occasion was to test the new ASSA rules voted by asian skaters and to improve those rules for the next events :
Here are the results and videos of the competitions :

Freestyle slalom men:
1. Kim Jung-Min (Kor)
2. Yu Dajin (Kor)
3. Lim Sung-Ho (Kor)
4. Kim Sung-Jin (Kor)
5. Choi Jung-Hyun (Kor)
1.Choi Jae-Hyun (Kor)
2. Kang Ji-Hee (Kor)
3. Shin Eun-Young (Kor)
4. Lee Min-Kyung (Kor)
5. Kim Kyung-Mi (Kor)

Speed slalom men:
1. Sebastien Laffargue (Fra)
2. Park Sung-Jin (Kor)
3. Kim Sung-Jin (Kor)
4. Yu Da-Jin (Kor)
1. (Kor)
2. Choi Jae-Hyun (Kor)
3. (Kor)
4. (Kor)

Slalom videos on the web :

Here are some good videos which came out on the internet few days/weeks ago :

Naomi Grigg in Singapore : the best english freestyle slalom skater shows her style.

Valhae Battle video : Beautiful battle slalom video "street fighter" style


Beidaihe International slalom contest, China :

Resume of Beidaihe Roller Sports Festival, China on May 4th & 5th.

Read article here / Freestyle videos


ASSA : Asian Slalom Skaters Association :

Two weeks ago (March 4-5th) was held in Anyang, South-Korea, the first meeting of the new international association for freestyle slalom : the ASSA. The goal of this association is to develop freestyle slalom and to set common rules in Asia, and to organise international events in Asia. The most important asian slalom scenes were represented at this meeting, Japanese skaters, Chinese skaters and event organizations, Korean clubs came from the whole country, also inline shops and skate brands were here, including members of Korean government. The first event sanctionned by ASSA will be held in Beidaihe, China, on May 4-5th. ASSA website :