INTERVIEW Seppo Silvenius, Finland

1. Bio :

Lastname : Silvenius
Name : Seppo
Birthdate : 03.12.1977
city, country : Helsinki, Finland

2. When did you start slalom ?
in 1998

3. Why did you start slalom ?
I started rollerskating in summertime. I saw some guys doing slaloming. It seemed nice and cool. I tried it out and learned plenty of tricks in my first summer or rollering.

4. How big is the slalom skating scene in Finland ?
Honestly, I am almost the only one doing it here. There are only few slalom skaters which you can calculate with your fingers!

5. Where is your favorite spot to practice slalom ?
Nowadays we skate behind the Finlandia building at the central of Helsinki. It would be nice to get some new places, since none of them are really great for slaloming
and we don't even have a place to skate in wintertime! But it is always fun
to do slalom in new places.

6. How do you think slalom can develop in Finland ?
Pretty hard to say.
It would be nice to have some competitions here too.. and we should find new
people for slalom.

7. How skating is developped in Finland, what are the most important inline
sports ? (speed skating, hockey, aggressive,...)

There are plenty of skating happenings in Finland, like marathons and speed skating. Most people think aggressive skating is only way to make tricks.. and they don't even know
about existence of slalom.

8. What do you think about slalom in Europe, in Asia,... ?
When I discovered out Universkate, and saw how big thing it is in France and Asia.. it is just awesome! I feel like I wasted several years without learning new tricks,
when I found Universkate 'too late', years later after it has been started.

9.Somehing to add ?