Downhill Pads & Suits

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To practice inline downhill you'll need full protection set for a better safety.

Here are the different pads :


Wrist guards and gloves

Picture : Classic garden gloves + Tecnica wrist-guards


Knee pads

Picture : ALK13 kneepad + Dainese Pad



Crash Pad

Picture : ALK13 crashpad + Dainese Pads


Back Protection (Turtle)

Picture : UFO Back protection for motorbike


Elbow pads

Picture : Salomon elbow pads

Suits :

You have to use two different kind of suits :

-a protective suit with crashpad, knee pads & turtle or all these independant elements.

-a lycra suit to go faster in the races.

Lycra Suit
Dainese Protective Suit