These regulations are laid down for the appointment of staging FIRS Inline Downhill World Championships and shall ensure the safety of the event.

Definition of Inline Downhill

Downhill means a variation of inline skating in which a downhill distance has to be covered in the fastest time possible.

Board of the Race Office

consists of:
2 officials nominated by FIRS
2 officials in charge of the organizing committee
race director (FIRS official)
official in charge of the hosting federation
head of track guards
track chief
Secretary for Race office

Authorization of the Race Office:

The Race Office has the obligation to perform the proper staging of the Championship in order to the regulations, including disqualification, exclusion from the race, amendment to the timetable, alteration by reason of an act of god, complaint about track condition.
Official Language of the World Championship is English

Requirements for the Organizer of Inline Downhill World Championships


The race-track shall consist of a road with asphalt surface.
Possible dangerous spots will be detected by the Race Office and marked with a spray on the surface.
These spots shall be pointed out to the skaters.

There is no definition of the necessary length of a race-track for World Championships but it should not fall below 1,5 kilometer.
The difference in altitude results in the difference of sea levels measured at the starting and finishing spots of the downhill track.
Average guiding principle: 80 - 120 meters difference in altitude per 1000 meters

The start has to be marked with a starting-box and/or with a ramp.
The finish has to be marked with a banner and/or with a finishing-arch.
The finishing-line consists of a white line on the surface of the race-track with no less than 20 centimeters width.

Safety at the race-track

The organizer shall secure sufficient measures for making the track safe, especially at the outside of curves and the predetermined falling-spaces.
Bales of straw, nets and tarpaulins can be used as safety-catch.

Sufficient separation of the race-track from the space for spectators has to be made as far as possible.

The organizer shall provide the necessary number of track guards to secure the safety of all competitors and spectators.
The track guards should wear the same signs of identification.
Radio telephony between start, finish, track guards and Race Organization has to be provided.

The organizer shall ensure that all relevant medical aid (including 2 ambulances with an emergency doctor) for possible injuries is kept in operational order throughout the Championships.

Safety of the Skaters

Integral- helmets and safety gear is being recommended to be used by the skaters.
Following the rules of the hosting national federations.
If a competitor falls at a blind stretch, the next athlete gets a warning (red flag).


Electronic timekeeping is recommended in the format of mm: ss: cc: hh

The electronic display should include:
name of starter
starting number
time total
maximum speed possibly (measuring distance: 10 meters)
split time possibly

1 Person responsible for the control of timekeeping

Limitation of Liability

All competitors act on their own responsibility.
All competitors shall be aware of the dangers which might occur during the competition and shall participate in total awareness.

No claims whatever can be made against the organizer / FIRS/ CIC.
Each competitor shall sign an agreement of indemnity against any claims which has to be included with the registration forms.
No participation is possible without a signed agreement of indemnity.

Staging of the Inline Downhill World Championships

Program /official Schedule
WM 2004

Organisers will send you the program.


Eligible are all skaters man/ woman who have sent a complete filled out registration form in writing to the organizer in time for the deadline fixed by the FIRS in accordance with the organizer.

The license for the World Championship will be officially, if the entrance form is delivered to the organizer.
The national federation or FIRS will accept the entrance to the race and forward the license to the National Federation.

minimum age: 15 years old. The participant has to be 15 years old at the 1st of January 2004.

The Race Office is granted the right to exclude a competitor from the Championships if the competitor seems not to be in the appropriate physical shape to cope with the race-track. The FIRS doping regulations are applied besides.

Practice and Track Inspection

The organizer makes a track inspection possible for all competitors.
Competitors are obliged to take part in the official track inspection.

Numbers are drawn for the starting order

All competitors are obliged to wear visibly the starting numbers put at their disposal by the organizer. It is not allowed to cover the number or possible sponsor imprints.
Starting numbers must not be exchanged and/or passed on between competitors.

Starting intervals are fixed by the Race Office. At an average running time of 2:15:00 the starting interval should keep to a limit between 1:00:00 and 1:30:00.

The organizer shall provide 2 practice runs as a minimum for all competitors.
Each participant has to appear at least at one practice run
The official opening of the race-track takes place after the track inspection.
Skating on the race-track before the official opening will lead to the exclusion of the competitor.

Races for World Championship

The World Championships will be decided in 1 Final run
In qualifying run all competitors participate in the starting order of their numbers drawn.
In final run all competitors will start in the REVERSE order of the time scores of the qualifying run. (The skater placed last in the qualifying run starts first in the final run. The starting order is announced to the competitors at the start spot.)

The best running time from the final run scores.

the final run is limited to a number of 60 competitors. 40 men/ 20 women

Scoring in Separate Categories (Men - Women)

The competitor with the fastest time score out of the final run is the
Inline Downhill World Champion and winner of the gold medal.
He bears the title "Official Inline Downhill World Champion of FIRS 2004"

The competitor with the second-fastest time score out of the final run is the
Vice-Inline Downhill World Champion of FIRS 2004 and winner of the silver medal.
The competitor with the third-fastest time score out of the final run is the
Third and winner of the bronze medal.