IGSA Bainbridge Ohio Grand Prix 2002
Bainbridge, Ohio, USA

Werner Ladurner (Aut) won the race against Scott Peer and Warren Focke (USA)

Story by Scott Peer : The IGSA Bainbridge Ohio Grand Prix took place in the rolling hills of Ohio on October 18-20. The event coincided with the Bainbridge Festival of Leaves, which brings tourists to the small country town to see the fall colors and enjoy a crafts fair, food, and music. Friday started with cool clear weather and all day practice for all the sports (inline, street luge, buttboard, downhill skateboard, and gravity bike). The course starts out gently, but turn 2 is a steep, hard right turn that forces hard braking for all sports. After that is a long fast section with chicanes that don't need braking for inline, but most luge riders do need to do some braking. There are numerous rolls in this section, that are quite exciting for the luge riders since they are blind drop-offs. Speeds reach around 55 mph for inline, and well into the 60's for luge. The course then flattens out for a long run-out to the finish line, where numerous late draft and pass maneuvers take place.

Saturday it rained on and off all day, and so the qualifying runs were slower than practice, and quite dicey on the slippery pavement.On Sunday, the sun came out again and the pavement dried after the morning practice runs. For the inline race the format was a 5 racer start, with 3 runs, and final placements based on the points totals. Werner Ladurner won all three runs, leading almost the whole way in each run. On the first run, Rob got hooked on Scott's skate and stumbled at the start, and the riders got spread out with no drafting or passing, and Scott and Warren finished in second and third. On
the second run, Scott followed Werner again, but this time Warren and Rob put together a fast freight train, and passed in the flat to get the second and third places. In the third run, Scott kept with Werner (including an exciting side by side run through turn two), which resulted in a tie for second place overall with Warren. The tie-breaker was qualifying times. On the final run Kathryn entered turn two too fast, and injured her arm. Heal well, Kathryn!At the end of the weekend, F-6 Racing had put together another fast and fun event, and earned many praises and thanks.

Final Ranking :
1. Werner Ladurner (AUT)
2. Scott Peer (USA)
3. Warren Focke (USA)
4. Rob Wurgaft (USA)
5. Kathryn Kain (USA)